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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Taking Time #366Days Day 157

I took a class on Creative Nonfiction as part of my master’s degree. One of the hardest lessons for me in mastering that style of writing was taking my time and slowing down. I had been, it seemed, trained quite well in a more rapid-fire style of writing that served well for news releases but not for meandering prosaically along Driftwood Beach (still one of my favorite pieces of writing I’ve done). 

The irony is that when I first started in my newspaper writing career I was told I wrote too much like Faulkner and not enough like Hemingway. I merely replied, “Thank you” although I know my then-editor did not mean it as a compliment. 

Today I ran across a blog post offering writing advice, most notably a missive to read literary works that have passed the test of time. The blog linked to a list of the 100 best novels of all time, surely good reading fodder for a summer. 

And so I find myself on the precipice of a journey into the writings of the books that top the list. Let the soaking up of great writing commence. 

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