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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

I may have a problem… #366Days Day 167

I tackled a few chores around the house today, including putting all of the books I’m reading that were tucked in various places into one pile. 

It was a big pile. 

There’s some fiction, some sciencey nonfiction, some Bible studies, a memoir, and a couple of books on writing and being published. Add to that the stack of books I picked up from the library, and it leads me to believe I just might have a problem. 

Too many books, too little time. 

I’ve foregone at lest two evenings of TV watching in favor of reading. And to tell the truth, I couldn’t be happier about the trade. I’ve laughed hysterically as Miss Julia found herself speeding around a NASCAR track, finally finished the tiny tidying book, and even found my place in the massive Ireland book I was reading on my iPad but got from the library to finish once and for all. 

The books bring new friends, interesting situations, and quite a bit of eye strain. It’s totally worth it though, and not really a problem at all. 

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