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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Trust #366Days Day 168

Larry and I are watching Turn, the story of Washington’s Spies. We started DVRing them in April as they were rerunning season two, I believe it is. We jumped in midstream, having to limp along as we try to figure out who is who. 

So far, we’ve only certainly identified Benedict Arnold and George Washington. The one episode we’ve watched centered around trying to recruit one person as a spy. It was incredibly hard for them to know who to trust. 

Glances, conversations with double meanings, uncertainty. Such a dangerous business. Such a wonder that they were able to win, to trust anyone with any certainty. Of course, the rub is that not everyone they trusted was worthy of that trust. 

Thankfully, our questions about who to trust typically don’t have the fate of nations riding on them. 

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