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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

A Stampede of Chocolate #366Days Day 170

I’m pretty willing to sign up for email lists provided I’ll get something worth the trouble in return. It could be information or entertainment. But free stuff is good too. Free food? Even better. 

Yesterday I got an email from Longhorn offering me a free dessert to celebrate my rapidly approaching birthday. I’d already picked that as the spot for an early birthday lunch with friends so it seemed perfect. Four of us shared Longhorn’s infamous Chocolate Stampede. 

It. Was. Soooo. Good. 

And then my ears started ringing, and Shannon’s heart was racing. Not sure if it was the sugar or the caffeine or the oh-so-perfect combo, but it got us tickled. Like, we couldn’t stop laughing. 

It was a great memory to share with good friends, even sweeter than the free treat. Thanks, Longhorn, for both of those gifts. 

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