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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Truly a Good Guy #366Days Day 172

One day at work, years ago, one of Berry’s various PR directors had left. I was serving as interim and found myself needing advice and wound up going to a former PR guy who then worked down the hall in the president’s office. I don’t remember the problem; it was just the first of many, many he’s helped me with through the years. 

He’s been my boss, my borrowed photographer, my mentor, and my friend. Today, I got to help celebrate his birthday, and I couldn’t help but reflect on our 20-plus-year friendship. 

He photographed my dad’s 80th birthday party; I took photos at the wedding of one of his daughters. He’s put up with me through two graduate degrees and rarely gets tired of me…or at least is kind enough not to tell me otherwise. That’s pretty impressive in my book. After all that, all I can think to say is “Thanks, my friend, and happy birthday!”

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