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A Little Faulkner to Pass the Time #366Days Day 173

One of my favorite stories from my newspaper days was when my then-editor told my young intern self that I wrote too much like Faulkner and not enough like Hemingway. I’m not sure my “thank you” was the reply he was hoping for. I did finally get (at least a little) better at newswriting although moving on to higher education has enabled me to keep my more complex style alive and well. 

I thought of that story recently when I visited our city library and was looking for some good books. My list for my vacation days required fun, enjoyable books that didn’t take a lot of concentration. I got several. But, I’m trying to work in some literature along with my mind candy. Enter the thought of Faulkner. 

I had in fairly recent days quoted Shakespeare’s line about “it is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” At any rate, the quote being fresh on my mind led me to pick up a copy of The Sound and the Fury. I was impressed the library had three. 

I haven’t read this book in years, and I’m fascinated to experience it again. It’s remarkable to me how a story doesn’t change but how it touches us and teaches us does as we read and reread the same story at different points in our lives. 

Let the revisiting begin. 

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