Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

46 Trips around the Sun #366Days Day 174

Whew! Today has been a busy day from a breakfast with friends to a trip to an amazing equine rescue (more about that another day) to lunch with another friend to a visit with my parents and now on to dinner with my hubby and his folks followed by, weather permitting, a stop by the Fourth Friday concert downtown. It’s truly been an amazing day to cap off a fun week of celebrating. And it makes me so thankful — again — for my family and friends. 

I’m sure if I took the time and energy I could come up with some life insights to share from my rapidly increasing time on this planet. But I’ll just give you one:

Life is short; make the most of it and love and appreciate the people in your life while you can. 

Well, maybe that’s two thoughts. At any rate, I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow. I’m off to enjoy the rest of my day. 🙂

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