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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

An Ideal Birthday #366Days Day 175

Today I got to celebrate my birthday with my family, and it was perfect. We had a good meal, good laughter, good talks, and, after a too-long hiatus, an Ideal Bakery birthday cake. 

It. Was. Soooo. Good. 

My brother prefers a homemade pineapple cake for his birthday, and my dad likes coconut. But to me the super sweet goodness says happy birthday in just the right way. 

It’s awesome to know my birthday indulgence is helping support a local business, but even better are all the memories that first bite of cake brought back. 

My nephew asked me about my favorite birthday gift I ever got, and I told him about my Cabbage Patch doll named Kelly Denise. I remember celebrating by going to the sibs’ band concerts when I was young and being woken up more than once by the cannon in the 1812 Overture. 

Good times, to be sure. But I think my favorite gift may be my wonderful family and the evening we just shared. 

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  1. Glad you had a great birthday week! My favorite birthday gift was Scott asking me to marry him. But my cabbage patch doll was an amazing gift one year as well. I still remember his name too – Nathaniel Eldon. His bald head smelled like baby powder. Weren’t they wonderful?


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