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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Shipshape #366Days Day 187

As I was thinking about a topic for today’s post, the word shipshape popped into my head. It’s strangely appropriate for a week that’s been filled with rereading The Perfect Storm, helping with Bible School that had a theme of Submerged, and moving to a new office that had to be made, well, shipshape. 

I wondered about the origins of the word, knowing of course that it had nautical roots. The term refers to a sailor’s obligation to keep his belongings stored properly so that they don’t cause trouble in rough seas. 

I’ve been reminded this week that I am a pack rat. I sent those publications to the archives; do I really need to keep copies? There are some files and photos and books that I’ve moved from office to office, not quite sure of what to do with them but reluctant to let them go. 

But shipshape implies a certain efficiency that I’m not quite sure I’ve reached. Somehow our student work desk now has three staplers. Three. I suppose that’s one for each hand and one for a foot? Surely, somewhere along the way, someone else is missing a stapler? I just hope those staplers don’t cause troubles when the sea gets rough. 

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