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Lemonade #366Days Day 192

No cliches here about life handing you lemons, just reflecting on the sweet, refreshing taste of summer. 

You may know that I gave up Diet Mountain Dew around the first of May. I don’t remember the actual date — pretty sure it was the last week or so of April — but May 1 is a safe guess. At any rate, other than the occasional cup of coffee, I’m pretty much sticking with water with lemon. 

But sometimes you just need something with some flavor. And, no, I’m not a fan of things you stir or squeeze into your water. Unless that something you squeeze is fresh lemon and what you stir is a little something to sweeten it up. 

My mom made some of the best lemonade I’ve ever tasted for my birthday cookout. It was soooo good. So, I’m trying to emulate her, imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all. But she must have the magic mother touch, because hers is so much better than mine. 

The first batch I made was glorified water that just had some stuff floating around it. Needed more lemons, maybe a touch more sugar. I made a second batch the other day and came home and got a small glass. I think we’re getting there, recipewise. 

Of course, the problem is I have no idea what quantities I used to make this. I decided to just wing it. And it’s pretty good, especially on a hot day. I guess we’ll see if I can repeat the success or not. 

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  1. Tell your mother to ship me some of her homemade limon aid. I could almost taste it reading your post.

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