Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Flashing Electronics #366Days Day 195

We’re having another thunderstorm this afternoon. One rolled through earlier in the week and left us in the dark for a few hours. So far today, our power has just been knocked off and came right back on. It’s done that twice. 

Each flicker is another reminder of how utterly dependent we are on power these days. And it makes me thankful to those who keep the lights on most of the time. 

We’re like that a lot. Not noticing how very blessed we are until we are inconvenienced slightly. 

I guess the technical term is spoiled

Even as I’m writing this I’m watching the circle spin while our Uverse service resets itself, wondering how long it will take and what that red light on the modem means. 

Our modem beeps and beeps when the power is out, making sure we know it doesn’t have power, not allowing anyone within earshot to get any rest until it’s happy again. I wonder if that’s the way we sound when we gripe about things — just a loud, annoying beep repeating itself over and over. 

I sure hope it’s not. I’d hate to be that annoying. 

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