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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Where does the time go? #366Days Day 200

Two hundred days. 

Somehow, one day after another, one post after another, this blogging journey has added up to 200 days. 

That seems so hard to believe from where I stand, that one day after another after another adds up so quickly. 

It’s sort of like a conversation I had recently about how I couldn’t believe I’d worked in higher education PR for 20 years. Which, apparently isn’t something you should believe, because I added it up and it has been 21 years. And nearly two months. 

One day after another, after another. 

I ran across the 100 Days Challenge on Facebook recently, which asks folks to spend 100 days doing something — practicing guitar, going to the gym, writing a book. The idea is to commit to do it every day so you build consistency, well, consistently. 

When I started this 366 Day personal challenge, I wasn’t sure if I could do it. Would I have time? Would I have words? Would I run out of topics? The answers are not always, sometimes, and occasionally, but I also have a commitment, a promise I made to myself and to you. And that keeps me going. 

Day after day, post after post. And it tells me I could commit more deeply in other areas — like that guitar I still need to work on learning how to play or walking every day or 1,000 other promises I make to myself and then talk myself out of or let myself off the hook for. 

When I was working on my doctorate, I used to tell myself that in five years I will be five years older, and I could either get there with a new degree or most of it anyway, or I could get there without it. 

I know what I’ll be doing (Lord willing) for the next 166 days as I finish out this challenge. How about you? Anything you want to tackle while I’m counting down the days? It sure would help give me something to talk about. 

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