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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Sleepy #366Days Day 205

According to my Fitbit, I got less than seven hours sleep last night. It look forever to fall asleep and then my dreams were scattered and confusing. I woke up at least twice in the night struggling with thoughts that filled my head. 

This morning, though, I got up early and started my day at the computer keyboard, committed to working on my writing again. 

I was quite pleased to have at least a loose blob of material that slightly resembles a beginning to my second book. There’s a lot of tightening, toning, and rehabbing to do yet, but the project is begun. That’s often the hardest part — or so I tell myself to push through this stage. 

The feeling of accomplishment I have makes my sleepy eyes more worth it. Here’s to getting up tomorrow and doing it all again. 

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