Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

98 years ago #366Days Day 206

On this day in 1918, Larry’s Grandmother Hendrix was born. If she was still around, I’d be in a lot of trouble for telling her age. She was holding at 39 when I caught up with her!

My dad’s mom, Mama Camp, as we called her, died the year I turned 11, and I was coming back from the funeral for my mom’s mom, Mama Carroll, when Larry and I celebrated our first anniversary. Grandmother Hendrix, really just Grandmother to us, treated me like her own granddaughter. 

She was born right here in Polk County and spent most of her life here. Her husband died while they were still young, and she finished raising the kids on her own, Larry’s mom (the oldest of the three) marrying that same year. 

Grandmother loved to have a good time and would get tickled easily. We enjoyed so many special times with her and endured a few sad times too. I just wanted to say we miss her an awful lot and are thankful for the love she poured in our lives. 

(Disclaimer: I hope I got all the family facts straight. My intentions were good,)

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