Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Customer Service #366Days Day 209

I spent a good portion of my day on three customer service calls trying to work out setting up the files for a website I’m redesigning. The first call, successfully resolved I thought, got me all set to back up the files and create a subdomain in which to build the site. 

The second call resolved the problem with the ftp login and got me all set to install WordPress. 

The third call restored the site that we’d wanted to leave up and finally paved the way for a successful redesign. 

If only I hadn’t been too tired to tackle it! The experience left me with an appreciation for people who actually understand what I just said and the poor customer service folks who have to help us navigate such waters. 

I’m married to one, you know. He’s great and patient as he helps cell phone customers, much like I was treated today. 

I also felt a new kinship with Larry’s late Aunt Judy’s whose encounter with customer service trying to help her install a new modem left us all in stitches and the poor rep, no doubt, pondering new job possibilities. 

Here’s to you folks who help us. 

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