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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Bad Photographer #366Days Day 214

I’ve been meaning to pull the pictures of mine and Larry’s latest trip to Gibbs Gardens off the memory card in my camera. It’s been almost exactly two months since we went, but I’ve never found the right moment to work on it. 

Today, during a photo shoot for work, that came back to haunt me. I got the dreaded error “Card Full” after having left my spare cards in the camera bag in the car. Thankfully, I’d already shot lots of pictures of the students — hundreds — but I still hate it when my procrastination catches up with me. 

Thing is, it took less than an hour to download and process the photos, and I was so pleased with how many came right out of the camera looking good. That’s something I’ve been working on so I wanted to do a bit of a happy dance. 

Makes me wonder why I put the task off for so long. Which got me to thinking about how often that is the case: I put off this task or that one only to find that the dreading and worrying over not having done it has been worse than the actual task. 

Plus, I love taking pictures and working on them in Lightroom. I wonder if I’ll ever learn to stop procrastinating. 

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