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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

The Tyranny of the Urgent #366Days Day 225

Larry and I have truly enjoyed our vacation over the past week. In addition to having time together and visiting a beautiful city, I’ve had time to linger over Bible reading, prayer, reading for pleasure and writing. It has been soul-refreshing. 

Over the past two days, I’ve run across the phrase “The Tyranny of the Urgent” about a dozen times. I heard it on the radio, ran across it in books and blog posts. It really made me stop and think. 

Tyranny, of course, means cruel or oppressive government or rule. To be controlled by something or someone. I always picture that kind of government or control by its linguistic kin, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Overpowering, devouring, terrifying, eating things alive.  

So, with that picture in mind, it’s easy to see what the Tyranny of the Urgent is. Letting things of lesser importance but faster deadlines overpower, devour, and control us. It places getting through the day’s schedule above quality time focusing on things that truly matter. 

I, for one, want to return to my normal responsibilities with reshifted and realigned priorities, making sure to keep time for nurturing my body and soul and spending time with my loved ones. I don’t want to be eaten alive by urgent goblins, always, always, always in a hurry.

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