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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Best Dress(Ed) #366Days Day 226

On our way back from Savannah, Larry agreed to stop by the outlets on a quest for a pretty dress for me to wear to work. I’ve found myself severely lacking in the dress department lately. I have pants and skirts aplenty, but really only a couple of dresses — one too hot for summer and the other just makes me feel blah. There’s nothing wrong with it particularly. It just isn’t a happy dress. 

So, we went in the first store and found an entire bevy of dresses! I picked out several to try on figuring Larry would help me weed it down to one. 

We left with five. (Thank goodness I had a text coupon!)

I wore one to church yesterday and saved my favorite — a pretty red one — to get me through the first work day after vacation. It worked like a charm. I was super productive today and made some good progress on my to-do list. 

Sometimes feeling pretty can make you feel more productive, too. 

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