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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Relics & Remembering #366Days Day 228

I’ve written before about how much of a pack rat I am. I come by it honest. 

My mom and I sorted through one cabinet in the hallway of the house where my sister, brother, and I grew up. It was a hoot. I found a book that I’d created a new cover for when I was just a kid; I’ve been designing publications most of my life. Who knew?

I think I also wrote before about the magazine I created named, not originally I’ll admit, “Camp Us Life.” I didn’t find a copy of that — thank goodness, but we did find an awesome folder of what can best be described as relics from my sister’s childhood. There were piano recital programs and pictures drawn, and tonight Mother gave the folder to my sister. It was an awesome walk down memory lane. So much better than if those pages had been tossed out one at a time years (and years) ago. 

I prefer the memories and the walk down memory lane with loved ones every day of the week. 

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