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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Installing Updates. Please Stand By. #366Days Day 236

The past couple of (six or seven?) times I’ve used my computer at home, it has asked me to restart to install updates. As one who hates to use what little time I have to work on that computer dealing with such things, I’ve been clicking remind me again in 12 hours. And then again. And again. 

Tonight, the computer had enough. It was time for the updates, and I could just wait until it was good and ready to move on. 

I’d swung by the computer room or my writing nook or whatever it is to take care of a few things before taking time to rest so I started to be a little miffed at this machine messing with my timetable. Then I realized I needed the break as much as the computer needed those updates. It’s been a busy week with lots of projects and service and busyness. Maybe the solution was to actually stand by — or rather sit by — and claim the time as a break. 

Too often I don’t do that. I find myself rushing from thing to thing and falling into bed exhausted. So, after proofing and clicking post, I’m gonna unplug and get in some maintenance time of my own. 

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