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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Change of Plans #366Days Day 239

I’d thought yesterday that I might get up early today and go to the gym before Sunday School and church. In fact, I’d planned on it. 

And then my plans got changed. 

I changed out of my jammies yesterday evening back into my clothes and went to meet my sister to check on our dad. Before long, we’d gone to the ER and he was being admitted for a flare up of his congestive heart failure. 

He’s doing some better today and is getting the treatment he needs, but it made me mindful of how we plan and promise but have very little control in the way things unfold. 

The Bible reminds us to temper our plans with an awareness of God’s dominion — saying if He wills or, in the more Southern vernacular, “Lord willin’.”

Each day is a blessing and life is so brief. We’ve overheard tough times unfolding in the hallways of this hospital. Suffering. Loss. Bad news. My prayers are with them all and those who provide the care. And my heart is grateful for the care Daddy is receiving. 

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