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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Geography Quiz #366Days Day 241

My mom and I went to dinner and came back to the hospital room to a fully involved geography quiz. My sister was trying to name all of the states that were acquired with the Louisiana Purchase. Next up, we identified (or tried to) all the countries in Scandanavia, in the Sahara Desert, and in Central America. As a group we weren’t too bad. We were pretty bad though. 

I told my nephew not to ask me about Asia, so he countered with Africa, knowing both are weak spots for me. It’s amazing to me sometimes how little I know about geography. 

I told–again–the story of my college geography class. It was when the Soviet Union was breaking up and it seemed like there was a new country each time we had class. My story earned us the task of naming most of the former Soviet republics, and I like to think Dr. Eastman would be proud that we did fairly well. He’d probably tell me to study up on Africa and Asia though.  

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