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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

I Know Why They Call Them Patients #366Days Day 242

One thing we are learning at the hospital: patience. 

Today, one doctor said Daddy could go home so we spring into action. I left work, gathered the bags of excess things we had in his room, and had them all ready for the trip home. 

The only problem was there was another doctor who had the final say and one lab number that was doing something it shouldn’t have. 

So, my parents are settled back in and I’ve redeliveried the bags. And we’ll wait. 

My parents took the news much better than I did. Mother said it was better to be there if something was still wrong than to come home and not know if we should go back. 

Daddy said “if I could just get home and get some fresh churned buttermilk and cornbread.” (Not that he drinks buttermilk!). 

But it is all about perspective. 

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