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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Broken Glasses and a Misplaced Key #366Days Day 247

Some days you just need to cry uncle. 

On top of a busy workday and a budding headache,  I now have a broken pair of reading glasses. The lenses are still intact, but I quite literally have a screw loose. Completely missing in fact. 

I started to bemoan that fact, and then I took a good look at the glasses and noticed that I’m pretty sure they aren’t even mine. They’re a different color than my three-pack from Walmart and they have a cracked surface on the inside of one earpiece. I’m left wondering exactly whose glasses I’ve broken. 

It’s enough to make a girl start to question her faculties. But Larry came to my rescue. He not only came to Rome to take me to dinner but locked his key in his truck so I would feel better. Well, maybe it was an accident, but we’ve gotten to spend some quality time in the car together going to get the spare key. 

You just have to laugh. 

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