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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Picky, picky #366Days Day 251

I’ve been a picky eater all my life. When I was little, if we were going out to eat, my parents had to go by JoJo’s and get a chicken leg for me. Once, at another place in town long since closed, the manager offered me a piece of their chicken to try. I wasn’t having it. 

So, I’m fairly understanding when I get on a kick and decide to change up our diet. Like today at the store, I decided to buy a purple cauliflower and add it to the veggie pasta dish I’d found on the Internet. I’d like to say I bought it because it was healthy, but truth is, it was just pretty. 

Since I’d already planned to throw in red peppers and onion that Larry’s not a fan of, I decided to make two dishes and add the cauliflower to mine. That also allowed me to add his black and green olives in without having to pick them out of my food later.

But I just want to brag on Larry for trying the roasted cauliflower. He said it was pretty good cooked in with something. Maybe next time I’ll just try hiding it in the dish. 

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