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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Hard to Breathe? #366Days Day 258

I love Star Trek. I’m a fan of The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager, but my favorite, best Star Trek love is reserved for The Original Series (TOS). 

Maybe it’s because I watched them — in reruns, people — as a child, and they helped shape my worldview in a way that things we encounter as adults just don’t. 

This morning, it was an image from TOS that flooded my mind as I’m reading Lysa Terkeurst’s latest book, “Uninvited.”

She says that we should allow Jesus’ reassurance to “reset our atmosphere.”

I could see Jim Kirk when the aliens cut off the simulated oxygen atmosphere and he’s completely suffocating, in a wonderfully over-acted kind of way. The life seems to be being sucked right out of him. 

Isn’t that what the world does to us sometimes?

I know it is for me. It becomes hard to breathe, spiritually speaking, and I feel nearly crushed under the weight of the poisonous gas that’s somehow seeped into my heart. 

And then there’s Jesus. 

Hebrews 7:28 in The Message version says He is “absolutely, eternally perfect.” And the Bible tells us again and again that He cares for us, loves us. 

He can reset our atmosphere. 

He can take the weight of sin and sorrow and despair and rejection and whatever else we struggle with off of us. He can free us — not just with a quick breathing treatment that has to be repeated – but eternally, completely, perfectly. 

All we have to do is ask, to draw close to Him in prayer and breathe deeply of His love and mercy and grace, allowing it to fill all of us, each cell, each thought, each action, and free us. 

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