Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Cool Things #366Days Day 261

The other day I got a new follower on Twitter. I didn’t know the name so I clicked to learn more and profile lead to Tweet which led to Tweet which led to a reading list on how to be a missional church. 

Since I’m a true nerd, there’s nothing better than a reading list on a topic I want to know more about. So, I zeroed in on the book described as “foundational” and looked it up on Amazon. (In addition to being a nerd, I’m also an Amazon Prime member!)

I found a used copy of the book that came with my much-beloved free Prime shipping. The book arrived last night, and I was torn between starting it after I got home from Bible study or just vegging out in front of So You Think You Can Dance. 

The call of the DVR was winning slightly but I started thumbing through the book’s opening pages. The book was autographed by the editor — and not just autographed but personalized. 

Personalized. And. Made. Out. To. The. Nickname. My. Husband. Calls. Me. 

I turned off the TV and hurried to show him the book, complete with tears streaming down my face. 

I love that we serve a personal God who reminds us that He orders our steps, that in the vast sea of social media He can send a message to us individually, if we listen with faith-filled hearts. 

I don’t know what the book may hold that I need to know, but I’m reading it with an expectant heart that God can and will teach me something new through it. 

Because He is awesome. 

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