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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

You Snooze, You Lose #366Days Day 268

My sister, who has a much more active job than I do, got a FitBit. So, we are FitBit buddies and already I felt the challenge of needing to keep up with her step count even though I’m usually full of excuses about why the number I got is all I could have gotten. 

To match her throughout-the-day numbers I was going to need an early start, one that started at the gym. (I wonder if they’d still know me there?)

Anyway, I had my alarm set for 5 and my workout clothes ready to go. 

And then 5 am came. 

And I hit snooze. 

Did you know it is possible to turn off the snooze feature on an iPhone? I always wondered what that little toggle meant. 

In case you’ve wondered too, it means Get up now or you’ll sleep through your devotion time and writing time, too!

Thankfully Larry had to go to work or I’m pretty sure I might still be asleep at 9 am. 

Thing is, I’ve already figured a way to work in my writing time and devotion time, so surely I can find time to squeeze in those steps. 

Yes, I hear you, “Sure you can, and stop calling me Shirley!”

Here’s to a great, well-rested, and active day. 👟👟👣👣

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