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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

No Closets #366Days Day 277

I don’t know about you but I struggle with clutter. Somehow, one day, my shoes just seem to have taken over. Or there just doesn’t seem to be room in the closet to hang up all the clothes. 

According to a quick Google search, America has 58,000 storage facilities with an average of 566 units in each one. That’s nearly 33 million places to keep our extra stuff. 

In Matthew 25, Jesus instructed us to care about “the least of these” including the naked. Imagine, being so poor that we literally didn’t have the clothes on our backs. 

Then compare that with our 33 million storage units. 

I told you this book I’m reading would mess with my world. In it, Richard Stearns wrote, “I have personally met hundreds of people in my travels who own only the clothes in their backs. They have no closets.”

No closets, and mine is bursting at the seams.

Stearns talks about the growing division between the Global North and the Global South. We here in the Global North — who now make up only 39% of Christians worldwide — hold 83% all the wealth controlled by Christians. That leaves only 17% of the wealth for the remaining 61%. 

I’m eating my breakfast bar as I type this in my comfy chair in my comfy house having had a restful night in my comfy bed. Meanwhile I have Christian sisters who didn’t sleep so well last night because they are hungry. Some are mourning children who died because of lack of clean water. Others are watching their children die with no medicine to offer. All they have are prayers, prayers that rise up like incense before God. They pray for help, and while the Psalmist says that help comes from the Lord, scripture teaches that God uses people to accomplish His will. 

Are we the answers to hundreds or even thousands or would it be millions or billions of prayers? Do I need those new shoes I ordered but can’t decide if I really like? How could God use that money instead?

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