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Numbering Days #366Days Day 295

It’s been nearly ten months since I started this #366Day personal writing challenge. I remember in December of last year feeling an almost frantic need to begin it and to begin it right then. 

I began that first day with a proclamation that it was the first day and have been ticking the days off ever since. 

Sometimes over the course of these months, I’ve wondered why I’m doing this challenge and whether there was any value in it. This past week, as we’ve walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death through the loss of our daddy, I’ve realized that God had been preparing me to express some of the feelings we have had. 

I don’t claim to have words for all of it or to have even begun to have done justice to the cries or shouts of joy of our hearts. But I hope it helped in some small way. Mostly I know that it helped me. 

The ticking off of the days has been an odd way to go about writing — realizing and even celebrating the passing of time. Sometimes in life we wish we could slow down not only the clock but the calendar or turn back the pages of time. 

Blog posts aside, those days have passed. How easily do we let something so precious go by us with hardly a notice. 

Psalm 90:12 tells us “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” 

Life is precious and fleeting. All of the cliches are running through my mind about not taking life for granted and showing love while we have the chance. 

It’s good advice. 

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  1. Without a doubt you have inspired me, encouraged me, and provided me with many thought to ponder. Sometimes I get so wrapped in life and all the what if’s that I forget to slow down and enjoy all the Lord has blesses me with. So your words have not been in vain for I am sure if for no one else you have helped me along the way. Love you

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