Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

More than Enough to Go Aroond #366Days Day 308

I have a friend who claims that women sometimes act like there’s only so much beauty in the world. If one woman sees another who is beautiful, she takes it as a personal affront, as if the second woman’s beauty threatens or damages her own. 

The same could be said of some artistic individuals, people who feel that if one person succeeds in word or song or other art form, it somehow depletes the universe’s supply of success and they are threatened. 

I’m happy to say that not all women nor all artists act that way. They realize that beauty and talent flourish in a heart that nurtures beauty and talent not only for itself but also for others. 

I was fortunate enough to hear about the first Allatoona Book Festival, which took place yesterday. It was just an hour’s drive to get there, and I’m so glad I made the effort. I encountered some amazingly talented individuals who are committed to cultivating talent and beauty in themselves and others. 

It made me grateful and also reminded me of the wonderful opportunity I have to do the same. 

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