Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Blank Page #366Days Day 309

This morning the cursor flashing on my iPhone seems to be taunting me as I watch the minutes tick away. 

What are you going to say?

Do you really think anyone cares about that?

Oh look, time’s almost up.

Don’t you have anything to say yet?

As I stared at the white frame, I had a new thought. This isn’t a blank page; it’s a clean slate. 

The sun has risen (or is working on it) and I’ve received the gift of a new day, a new page, if you will, on which to write a new story or a new chapter in the old one. 

The taunting voice and the fear of measuring out words in pixels may never fully fade, but the best way to fight them is to begin, to make the first stroke, type the first word, dance the first step, and trust that beauty will follow. 

I pray that you and I will have courage to face the blank page of this day, and that in using it wisely, we will make friends with beauty, opportunity, happiness, grace and peace. 

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