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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Fighting over an empty box #366Days Day 315

Larry and I stayed in the nursery this morning at church. The kids included a sister and her two younger brothers. By midway through the service, all of the toys had been dumped out of the large plastic tub. The older two kids had crawled inside and were kicking up a storm, laughing all the while. 

It was all fun and games until the younger wanted to join in and climbed on top of them. The sister was the first to abandon the plastic ship, closely followed by the older of the brothers. 

The littlest dude didn’t seem to mind as he now stretched out and enjoyed having the box to himself. He played in it a while longer but soon abandoned the tub to chase after the next thing that the older two were interested in. 

It made me think a lot about how I acted as the youngest child, sometimes happily enjoying having the “tub” to myself and sometimes just sad that I was too little to do all of the things the older ones could. 

It also reminded me of how we sometimes exhibit these traits as adults, chasing after the latest and greatest things or only being happy when we’ve run off whoever we’ve decided needed to go. 

It was child’s play in the nursery, but not too great a way to live a grownup life. 

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