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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Sipping Coffee and Dreaming of Venice #366Days Day 317

(Photos are from 2008)

My favorite coffee mug — an impulse buy found near the checkout line at TJ Maxx — has drawings and words related to Venice. It’s rare that I reach for it that I don’t have a flash of a memory of standing on the Rialto Bridge or touring the palace of the Doge or staring at St. Mark’s Cathedral. I’ve been thinking a lot about our trip to Italy as a dear friend is on a European adventure.

Thoughts of Venice lead to memories of our last — nope, our most recent international trip, when we went to Ireland. I can almost feel the chilly mornings (maybe that’s real) and see the sparkling green of the land. 

And it makes me realize how precious those times and those memories are and how easy it would have been for us not to have them. 

My advice? Take the trip, whether it’s to Venice or Ireland or Yosemite or the beach or just to Ellijay to buy some apples. I’m guessing my friend would agree; we’ll have to ask her when she gets home. 

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