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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Two Roads #366Days Day 318

I’ve always loved Robert Frost’s poem about taking the road less traveled. I can picture myself there in that yellow wood, looking down the two pathways, wondering — praying even — how to find the way I should go. 

Sometimes we really want to go one path but are prevented from doing so, either by someone, something, or some circumstance. 

And, as Frost said, “way leads on to way” and we continue moving down the path we chose and then the path that led to and so on and so on. 

Yesterday, my Facebook memories reminded me of a such a choice. I had the opportunity six years ago to interview for a job with a national organization in my field. They flew me to D.C. for the weekend and a Monday interview, and Larry went along. 

October is a great time to visit our nation’s capital, and the weather was nearly perfect as we strolled the streets and explored the city. The interview went well and the job was intriguing. And then they offered it to me, and I decided that, no, I was where I needed to be, both personally and professionally. 

I rarely have cried as hard as a grown-up as I did after making the phone call to turn down the opportunity. 

But yesterday, six years this side of those moments, I realized how perfectly God had ordered my steps. I would have hated to miss these last six years — the last six years — with my daddy. To have plane trips or really long car rides between my family and me. To have missed moments of love that mean the world to me. 

I don’t know what that other path would have led to, and sometimes it is fun to imagine, but I know I’m glad I’m on this one. 

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