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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Bubbles #366Days Day 323

Not long after Larry and I got married, I taught 2-year-olds in Sunday School. Each week, we had tons of giggles and more than a few tears. 

I don’t know what we would have done without bubbles. A simple blow through the soapy wand would send tiny, iridescent orbs floating through the air. The first set of bubbles would bring wide eyes, giggles were sure to follow. 

I’d almost forgotten about the magic of bubbles until we stayed in the nursery last week and saw a new generation enthralled by the same thing. 

Last night, during our Gospel Project for Kids, I got to watch the kids as they played in the ball pit. These tiny folks would stand on the side and dive into the sea of balls. More times than not, the kids did so with a call of “Bubbles.”

They weren’t the floaty, popping kind, but the balls did their job of inducing giggles, and I found myself laughing along. 

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