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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Almost, But Not Quite #366Days Day 328

I checked my FitBit app this morning to see how I slept. I know that’s a silly thing to do, but one of my health goals is to get eight hours of sleep each night. 

What I saw was most distressing, worse even than the day the battery had died in my device and I had no reading. 

Today’s reading: 7 hours and 59 minutes. 

Almost, but not quite. 

My first reaction was annoyance with myself and with my alarm, but then I realized, hey, I feel rested AND managed to almost get my full eight hours even in the midst of a super busy weekend. 

That’s a good thing!!

In talking with my friend Dana yesterday I realized how easy it is for me to be overly critical of myself, to set some impossible standard (not that eight hours of sleep is impossible) and then get upset if I don’t meet it and berate myself. 

I’m not perfect, but when I’m doing the right things and doing the best I can, then that is enough. That’s a much healthier attitude than the one I woke up with. 

So, even though I didn’t earn my green star for the day in my FitBit app, I still feel good. Today is going to be a great day that offers opportunities to be active and enjoy my Shorter and Tolbert families. 

I hope you have a good one too. 

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