Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Memory #366Days Day 331

Memory is a funny thing — at least mine is. I may have completely forgotten an event or even an acquaintance, but if someone who shares that memory or knew me at that time brings it up, the memories start to return. It may be slowly or it may happen all at once, the memory springing forth full and strong. 

But some people, some moments aren’t forgotten (save in the case of illness). They so impacted our lives that they have become part of us, a beautiful treasure that we pull from our pocket regularly to admire and cherish. 

I’m blessed that I have a lot of those moments and those kinds of friends. But even with these closest family and friends, there are moments that are forgotten, too much every-day-ness to store in active long-term memory. 

But again, the sharing of memories with others who knew and loved that person or who shared that special moment, helps us relive it, recall things perhaps long forgotten. 

Scripture tells of lots of people who built memorials, placing some tangible reminder to help the remembering and the bearing of witness to special moments with God, encounters that shaped the fate of nations and individuals. 

We do it, too, building statues and monuments to people or groups who should not be forgotten. 

I heard a sermon once suggesting that we should do the same with our spiritual lives, shaping mental signposts to mark key moments in our lives and to help us remember important blessings. Some keep a journal or prayer book, recording God’s blessings. Some of us blog so that we don’t forget. 

Whatever works for you, take time today to celebrate those blessings, to remember special things, and even to allow your mind to ask if there are folks you’ve forgotten along the way that deserve a smile. And remember to thank God for these gifts. 

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