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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Step by Step #366Days Day 332

Last week I got a pretty stern talking to from my doctor. I was there to go over my latest blood work, which was mostly good by the way. 

Still, I got some very good advice that I need to make changes — to lose weight and get more active — if I want to keep it that way. 

My appointment was in the midst of the busiest few days I’ve had lately so I filed the information away under things I can’t worry about today and went on with my week. 

And then Monday dawned. Actually I was up well before the sun to begin my commitment of actually trying to reach my step goal every day rather than just feeling my FitBit like an albatross around my neck–or wrist rather. 

So, I’m two days in and have met both my step and calorie/carb goals both days. And now it’s early on day three and I just need to get my shoes on and start moving. 

I’ve googled motivational quotes to keep me inspired so I’ll leave you with my current favorite: “It’s actually pretty simple: either you do it or you don’t.”

I’m going to. 

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  1. Great Motivating Words! I am so proud you’ve met your goals these past few days. Off to a terrific start! ***BY the way, I just noticed you are at day 332! You are almost DONE with that goal, proving you can DO anything!

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