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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Almost There #366Days Day 333

I used to love watching The Smurfs when I was younger. Their antics and troubles were highly entertaining. 

I don’t remember a lot of specific episodes, but I do remember one in which Papa Smurf led his little smurfs on a long, long journey, I think to meet a wise man although I cannot be sure about that part. 

Along the way, first one smurf and then another would ask “Is it much farther, Papa Smurf?”

He, with his red suit and white beard, would answer kindly, “Not far now, my little Smurfs.”

Kindly that is until they asked one too many times: “Is it much farther, Papa Smurf?” And he practically bellowed, “Yes. Yes it is!”

We often feel that way on a journey. I’m sure I’ve whined and asked that question more than once in my life, bless my dear parents! 

This 366-day journey has taught me something about long trips. 

Keep moving. 

Confucius famously said “A Journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.”

So here, at Day 333, the end of this journey is nearly in sight. I’m amazed at how quickly the days have piled one upon another to reach this far. I have other goals — weight loss, paying off that student loan, whatever else — that seem daunting, as daunting as brashly saying I could blog every day for a year and then having to get up on days two, three, 47, and 152 to keep going. 

But I did. I can and I will (Lord willing!) finish this journey and hope I’m encouraging someone along the way — even if it’s just the future me who needs to learn lessons about persistence and discipline. 

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