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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Time and Changing Time #366Days Day 336

Well, we’ve officially fallen back an hour. It seemed a rather painless process at the Tolbert household except my FitBit cheated me of an hour’s worth of credit for my sleep. 

And yet, as much as people praise this new time with its gifted hour and rail against the springing forward, I find myself sighing just a bit. 

I don’t enjoy the ever-increasing earliness of the darkness in the afternoons. And though I love the crispness of fall, this time reminds me that winter is coming. 

And I don’t like the cold. 

Or the dark. 

But even in the coldest of winters there is always the promise of spring, hope for days to come. 

I struggle physically with the changing of one hour, but last night Larry and I watched Interstellar and felt our minds a bit boggled as we tried to wrap them around the concept of time being a relative concept. Space-traveling father just a few years older … well, I don’t want to ruin it for you … but let me just say I’m thankful I just have the one hour change to contend with. 

It is more than enough for me. 

Happy new time.

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