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Oh, Canada #366Days Day 337

A few years ago, a friend got me hooked on a Canadian TV show about a detective in Toronto in the late 1800s. 

It’s kind of hard getting access to the episodes without paying for them, but I finally found a way to at least do so more cheaply through my Amazon Fire TV Stick and a subscription to Acorn TV. Since I got those new toys, I’ve been pretty much binge watching (at least when I have time).

In the process I’ve learned a lot about this time period and about our neighbors to the north. It’s early days in the 20th century for them in the episodes I’m watching, and I’m continually amazed at all of the people who wander through Station House No. 4. 

Winston Churchill, Sherlock Holmes (yes, they know he’s fictional), and Mark Twain along with the first Canadian woman to be elected to office, influential Canadian painters and reform leaders. I find myself opening Google at the end of episodes and reading about these Canadians of influence. 

I was asked in college how I knew how to pronounce Agamemnon or how I knew that a paladin was a knight in Spanish. My answer? TV. Those answers came from Star Trek and Have Gun Will Travel, respectively. 

I like that my Canadian mystery and it’s Google companion teach me about things I otherwise wouldn’t know. I can say my TV watching is educational. 

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      1. Y’all crack me up. There was a whole episode recently on curling. Very informative. I almost understood it.

        I’d already written this post before I watched this morning’s episode in which Crabtree met and influenced the work of the lady who wrote “Anne of Green Gables.” Gotta love Crabtree.

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