Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Election Day #366Days Day 338

Well, it’s finally here. 

In just minutes, polls will open here in Georgia and the 2016 Presidential election will begin to come to a close. 

I’m glad. 

Oh, I know we have hours if not days and weeks of continued harping about this candidate and that candidate. But I’m praying for healing for our land. 

This has been one of the most mean-spirited campaigns I’ve ever witnessed, and I’m not only talking about the candidates themselves. The attacks I’ve read on social media in posts but mainly in comments have been brutal. 

I feel like an old fogey but I long for days of greater civility and respect. The national media — I believe in an effort as driven by a quest for ratings as by any political leanings — paints Americans as against one another, always out to tear down the other person or the other side. And anyone who disagrees with us, they tell us, is our enemy. 

I have lots of friends that I disagree with on policy issues, but we are friends. And in this country, those we disagree with are part of our family of fellow Americans. We are all created in the image of Sovereign God who loves us and calls us to love one another. 

Division and rancor may win one side an election over the other but it doesn’t do much for the health of our nation. Scripture says a house divided against itself will not, cannot stand. 

May God truly bless our nation and heal our divided hearts. I pray also for safety and peace of poll workers, voters, and all citizens on this Election Day. 

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