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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Oh Deer #366Days Day 339

So, I found a great new shortcut to get back and forth to work. Well, it’s not really shorter, but it has less traffic at least, and I’ve found myself arriving home much less-stressed than had been the case.

Less stressed, that is, until Monday evening.

I popped across the street and headed down this new shortcut only to be hit out of nowhere by what I refer to as a wild teenage deer. He (or she, but I’ll say he for simplicity’s sake) wasn’t full grown but definitely wasn’t a baby. I’d seen him dart into the road toward a car a little in front of me and had slowed my pace considerably in response to that car’s response.

I guess I was slow enough to make a good target.

The deer had darted off the road and up a bank where he seemed to be heading away. Then he turned and jumped. Right into my door.

Thankfully I only have a few minor dents, reparable enough, and the deer climbed to his feet and darted off into the woods.

I’m thankful for the protection I received, both from my beloved Beetle and from the hand of God and for the fact that it wasn’t worse.

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