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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

One Foot after the Other #366Days Day 340

My FitBit taunts me a little for how few steps I took yesterday. My whole day, it seems, was confined to just a couple of rooms and ended early. 

This morning I’m up and ready to walk but my internal-motivator seems to still be asleep. Maybe it’s the sneezes that just happened, hopefully not signs of anything more than a somewhat chilly morning. Or maybe it’s just the personification of the law that says an object at rest will remain at rest. Or maybe I’m just tired. 

Either way I know that I will feel better if I just put on my walking shoes and begin. Yet, I’m struggling with making myself do it. 

So I’m committed to walking the first mile of my DVD at least in the hopes the endorphins will kick in and do the rest. I will begin. 

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