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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Inaudible #366Days Day 342

I am an Amazon Prime devotee. When I first signed up, I wondered why I’d pay approximately $100 per year for the privilege of shopping perks. 

Well, between free shipping, Kindle books and streaming video, I more than make up for my annual investment. So, I’ve been super excited to learn about additional benefits. I have favorite Amazon Music playlists downloaded and just recently realized I had access to Audible content — audio books — included in my free stuff. 

I’m not an auditory learner. If I don’t take notes (and translate what I’m learning through writing), most of what I hear goes in one ear and out the other. So, unlike my siblings and several friends, I’ve never been one to listen to audio books. But I figure, why not? They’re free. 

I learned that, free or not, they’re just not for me. I got access to a couple but found both narrators’ voices hard to listen to — too slow or too fast — with the speed-adjustment settings only making it sound distorted. I’d find myself a few miles down the road and realize that I’d no idea what had been said. Then I’d rewind and realize I had heard it but didn’t retain it but the re-listening was frustrating so I’d tune it out again. 

The whole thing reminded me of the importance of knowing myself. The coolest features in the world aren’t cool if they’re not a good fit for me. 

I prefer my books written over read and I’m okay with that. What’s that saying? To thine own self be true? Pretty sure I read that somewhere. 

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  1. I’m not an auditory learner, either, but apparently that’s not the case with fiction. I tried audio books on the commute to grad school in Montgomery. My first book was Angela’s Ashes, read by the author with a wonderful accent. What I found was that I would arrive in Montgomery with swollen eyes and a runny nose. That, coupled with a few close calls in traffic because I was sobbing hysterically, made that my first and last audio book. Now I understand why mom and dad didn’t want me to watch Lassie…. Timmy in danger got me every time!

    1. I can easily picture myself doing that! Probably best for everyone if I don’t start listening to books while driving. 🙂

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