Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Choir Folders #366Days Day 343 

My choir buddy and I had a funny few minutes this morning comparing our choir folders. Hers is jammed full of music, including a lot we’ve already sung. Mine has only a few pieces that I hope are still on the horizon. 

But then I started looking through the pockets of my folder and found a birthday card another friend had given me. (My birthday was in May.) Also tucked inside the pocket was the program for our patriotic service (late June, I think). My pencil pouch had several mint and cough drop wrappers — all empty. 

I put the wrappers in the trash and the program in the recycling along with a few past programs and music sheets from my friend’s folder. I felt better for having restored a wee bit of order to one small corner of my world. 

Thing is, it’s all okay. No need to be stressed out, no need to worry about our paper-hoarding tendencies. (I kept the birthday card, claiming it proved somebody loved me! Lol.)

Then we went to the service, which reminded us of what truly matters — being on mission for Jesus — and the importance of realizing that we rest in God’s hands even as we face tough days. 

The rest of the stuff in life can be a little like the extra papers we cram in our folders. They distract me sometimes and make it harder to focus where I need to. 

So, I’m praying that I’ll learn to focus on this day, this moment, this song. 

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