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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Dotted Sixteenths #366Days Day 346

Sixteenth notes have never been my friend. I’d say I mean that in a tongue-in-cheek manner but that’s definitely not the way to conquer those fast little runs.

Anyway, I took one year of piano before my teacher quit (she was sick) and learned most of what I know about music through choirs and playing trombone in band.

I can completely rock some half notes and quarter notes and even eighth notes, but those woodwind-y sounding runs of sixteenth notes often felt a little beyond me.

Until I started to get to know Handel.

Sure, I’ve sung the Hallelujah Chorus at least once a year for more than two decades, but this fall I’m getting to be part of a presentation of the Christmas portion of The Messiah by the Three Rivers Singers. And I’m loving it.

The intricacies and intertwining of the musical lines are powerful and beautiful. Yes, they’re hard too, but it is so worth it when it is done well.

The concert will be at 4 pm on Saturday, Dec. 17, at Garden Lakes Baptist Church in Rome. There’s no admission charge but donations are welcome. I hope you’ll join us, if you can.

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