Reminding Busy Women to Let Our Lights Shine!

Dawn Tolbert | Writer

Thankfulness #366Days Day 352

Larry and I did a little Christmas shopping yesterday. It was really more Christmas looking, but the cooler temps helped make the whole thing feel slightly more appropriate. 

I don’t know if it’s just my age or if I’m in a funk or if I’ve been bitten by the bug of simpler living, but a lot of the things stores are selling feel like more clutter than must-haves. 

I started to examine the reasons why I just wasn’t interested in coming up with a list of what I want or need for Christmas when I realized maybe it is because I have enough. If I needed anything, I can just get it — like my awesome new spatulas to replace the old ones that have clearly seen their best days. If I wanted something, Larry and I can talk it through and if it makes sense, we can get it. 

We are blessed. 

I’m not anti-gifts and I’m not anti-Christmas. But I am very much in favor of taking stock of how many blessings we have in our lives and of showing gratitude for them. Let’s be thankful — and not just this Thursday. 

My friend Dana and I have started our second annual Gratitude Challenge on our blog, Each day this week we’re encouraging thankfulness. Swing by the blog and leave a comment about something for which you are thankful. Those who do so every day (including yesterday so be sure to catch up) Monday through Friday will be entered in our drawing to win a gift. 

I think the Gratitude itself will make us all winners. 

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