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Dawn Tolbert | Writer

A Life Odyssey #366Days Day 354

My Amazon Fire TV Stick has opened up a new realm of TV watching. Larry and I are visiting movies we like or that we somehow missed along the way. Last night’s viewing experience: 2001: A Space Odyssey

The movie, older than I am, has some classic moments and a few that haven’t held up well through the test of time. 

Mostly I enjoyed it as an experience with my Larry. Our side conversations may have been more enjoyable than the movie. A highlight was during a particularly telling moment of the film when Larry asked, “Are you thinking about pie?”

I had, in fact, been wondering when we should have a slice of his birthday pecan pie — my best ever, if I do say so myself, although last year’s runny, gooey mess didn’t set the bar too high. 

The pause button gave me time to slice the pieces and later time to clear away the dishes. 

By the time we (well, Dave and HAL) set out for Jupiter, I was cold and had my hood pulled up around my neck. I added a blanket before HAL started really acting up and was drifting through consciousness even as Dave began to have his close encounter. I tried really hard, I did, to fight the sleepies, and was successful enough that I only truly missed a moment or two — a moment being a somewhat indeterminate amount of time, of course. 

This morning I realized though how very blessed I am to be on a life’s journey with my Larry. He may keep the house a little on the chilly side 🙂 but his patience is vast. His heart is good, and he is willing to put his hands and feet and mind to work for the things he cares about. I’m happy to be on this journey with him, and today I wish him the very happiest of birthdays. 

I won’t out you on the years, honey, but I will save you the last piece of pie. ❤️ Happy birthday!

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